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  We are developing a school in which all staff, parents, governors and the wider school community, work together to ensure our pupils achieve their full potential in a happy, caring, Christian environment.  Our children enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum and the inspiring range of opportunities they experience help them to become responsible and thoughtful citizens.


As a church school at the heart of the community, we pride ourselves on the caring, family atmosphere that helps make our school the vibrant place that it is.  Strong standards in Literacy and Numeracy are at the heart of the curriculum.  Like most schools we follow the National Curriculum, but we also place a great emphasis upon sport and the Arts.  Our pupils are given a wealth of experiences to complement their learning ranging from visiting speakers, drama companies, artists, musical groups as well as an extensive programme of school visits.  Our older pupils regularly participate in sports fixtures and arts festivals with other schools.


We are fortunate in having an extremely talented staff that are able to deliver this varied and structured curriculum, as well as offering a full range of extra-curricular clubs.



We believe that education is a partnership between home and school and we are extremely grateful for the high level of parental support and involvement from villagers in school life.


Top photograph - Class 3 on their WW11 evacuation trip at Winchcombe Station.


Second photograph - Class 2 making the most of an opportunity to sculpt snow.


Third photograph - Class 1 watching a Falconry Display at the school as part of their Castles topic.




The whole school took part either cycling or scootering in a 'Tour De Shurdy to raise money. 




Every Christmas KS1 and Reception, and KS2 enjoy performing for their families and friends in a panto or Nativity play. 


Please find our Admissions policy by following the link below.  Our Published Admissions Number is 15. 







Shurdington Church of England Primary School



Investment Plan for School PE and Sports Funding, Year One (£8500) 2013 to 2014 (Updated January 2014)




Proposed Action







Expected Impact




We will join the Cheltenham and North Tewkesbury Sports Partnership





2 days of bespoke curriculum support (Gymnastics CPD for all staff 5th February 2014) provided by a specialist PE teacher



Various sporting events within the partnership (Eg Sports Hall Athletics, Feet First Dance Festival, Tag Rugby Tournament, Rugby League Tournament, Rounders Competition and KS1 Multi-skills event)



2 places at Y3/4 and 2 places on Y5/6 Gifted and Talented PE camp



12 hours of specialist sports coaching (6 hours each of Hi5 Netball for Class 3 and 4) 




















We will provide an additional lunchtime sports club for one day per week, in a sport the children may not have experienced before, led by an experienced coach






Children participate for 12 weeks and learn the skills associated with an unfamiliar sport. (12 weeks of handball coaching for KS2 children organised, KS1 will be involved after Easter)



This will encourage more structured activity during Tuesday lunchtimes










We will pay for or subsidise various extra-curricular sports clubs, so the costs are not met by parents and we will pay existing staff members to run additional clubs






Increased participation in extra-curricular clubs, such as Jazz Dance and Andy Tucker Football Club.




This will encourage staff members to run additional sports clubs as they will be financially rewarded


Both of these clubs have been heavily subscribed or even full, therefore participation rates have been dramatically increased



Two members of staff have set up an after school Fitness Club which is well attended (20 children)


We will pay for or subsidise the cost of transporting children to sporting events




Parents and Carers will not be discouraged from allowing their children to participate in off-site sporting activities, thus increasing participation levels




We will commission a specialist primary school PE teacher for approximately 12 days, to provide further CPD for staff, expert coaching for children and general support for improving our current and future PE and School Sport provision




Improved confidence and subject knowledge for class teachers



Children benefit from being coached by a specialist practitioner, so skills, confidence and participation levels improve



We develop a clear vision for our future provision













Total Cost

















We recognise that transitions can be difficult for a child with SEND and take steps to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible. We work closely with other schools, secondary and


pre–school, to ensure a careful transition plan is arranged when your child moves schools. Parents are always involved in this process.




Family Liaison Officer


Our Parent and Child Support Advisor, Laura Abraham is able to offer advice, guidance and assistance to parent/carers of children attending Shurdington school, as well as monitoring student’s time keeping and attendance.  You will be contacted if there are any concerns for lateness and attendance.




Please get in touch with your class teacher if you have any concerns. The SENDCo and Head Teacher are also available to discuss any concerns and offer advice.







Church of England


Primary School






Local  Offer
















Other useful policies



Our SEND policy (found on the school’s website) has useful links to a number of policies that relate to our Local Offer.




Updated June 2014



Working with partner schools in the SEND Cluster Group.





Further Information


Head Teacher- Mr Jon Millin


SENDCo-Mrs Cathy Blomfield


Our School SEND Governor - tbc


Our School SEND policy -found on the school’s website


Partnership with Parents





Shurdington C of E Primary


Badgeworth Lane






GL51 4TB


Telephone: 01242 862102 or e-mail





















Shurdington C of E Primary School is totally inclusive and we welcome all children. Where a child has a recognised special need or disability, we will make reasonable adjustments to meet those needs to ensure your child thrives in our mainstream setting. Our school is fully accessible and whilst supporting our children we will also encourage independence skills.



Your child’s Class Teacher and the school’s SENDCo are your key points of contact to discuss your child’s needs.



What is SEND?


SEND or Special Educational Needs and Disability is when pupils may need additional or different provision to enable them to achieve their potential. It is when one or more of the following is a barrier to their learning:


·        Speech, Language and Communication


·        Behaviour- Emotional or Social


·        Learning


·        Medical, Physical or Sensory Need



What does SEND Support look like here?


Additional SEND support may include small group or 1:1 teaching, additional or different resources or strategies used to support their learning or advice and support from outside agencies. These may be:


·        School Nurse


·        Advisory Teaching Service


( ATS)


·        Speech and Language therapist


·        Occupational Therapist (OT)


·        Educational Psychologist


·        Consultant Paediatrician


·        Physiotherapist



Identification, assessment and support


Assessments by your child’s class teacher will quickly identify if your child is having difficulty in an area of learning. Each child’s progress is closely tracked. Lessons will be adapted by the teacher to meet your child’s needs.


All our staff receive on- going training to support children with additional needs.


Our SENDCo will discuss with the class teacher an appropriate additional targeted intervention of support to help your child make better progress.


This could be the form of: extra small group work; 1:1 support; and may involve using specialist published materials or equipment.



If despite all the extra support, your child is still struggling to meet their expected targets, it is likely your child has special educational needs.


At this point your child will be given an individual plan – “My Plan”.  This will ensure your child is monitored closely and receives appropriate on-going additional support.  You will then be invited for additional review meetings with the Class Teacher and SENDCo.



A small minority of children will have complex SEN, needing significantly higher levels of support. If this happens our SENDCo in consultation with parents and other professionals may request to the Local Authority to undertake a full assessment of the child’s needs.


If the Local Authority is in agreement they will draw up an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC) for the child. The EHC plan will ensure additional support for your child and will be reviewed  annually.



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